Saturday, January 29, 2011

i'm just love this song ^^

trying to remember when i saw this video. "hey , nie bukan yang my baby nyanyi masa karoke tuh ke? auch . dah masuk glee laa." even i'm not the fan of glee , but i think this video is so cool ! :p

yahh , quite cool right? and their sound so like superstar ! HAHA. and i guarantee that their voice can be the same like train . :)

and there's another one. and its my fav ! haha . i dont know why , but i'm just like the way that girl singing and playing the guitar with her partner . so sweet :) and also the boy , wauu . his voice ! if you dont see the vid , you can say that was jason mraz's voice. ohh man , you're so adorable ! :)


Mr. Swift said...

Oh Glee, layan gak kut dulu. Tapi macam dah xingat je.

Ohh thanks. Oh ok i will follow you. But hey, apsal saye macam xjumpe je button nak follow? -_-'

Seriously nak follow sebab awak cantik, eh bukan sebab blog awak yg cantik. :p

nana bananananana :) said...

haha . abg saya suke sangat la dgn glee tuh , so mcm terikut2 . tapi sikit je la , sbb kat tempat belajar takde FOX. -.-

heee . tak jumpe ke ? :( awak try tengok kat atassss skali , ade tak yg follow , share and so whatever kat atas tuh? i slalu follow kat situ je la. tp kat tempat awk pon takde.

hah? HAHA . blog saya cantik , itu saya terima ^^